Solar Inverter Sungrow G3 ADA 8kW 1 Phase 3 MPPT w/WiFi, S100 Meter, DC cover, DC Switch built-in (SG8.0RS-ADA)

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The Sungrow G3 ADA 8kW 1 Phase inverter is a high-performance and advanced energy management solution for residential and commercial solar energy systems. It features three independent Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs), allowing for optimal energy harvesting from multiple solar panels. With a power output of 8 kW, it is suitable for large-scale solar energy systems.

The G3 ADA inverter is equipped with an integrated DC switch that allows for easy switching between grid-tie and off-grid operation, giving you the flexibility to choose the best mode for your needs. It also comes with an integrated S100 meter, which provides detailed information on energy consumption, production, and self-consumption. The inverter also has a built-in WiFi connectivity, which allows for remote monitoring and management through the Sungrow monitoring platform.

The inverter also features a DC cover, which provides added protection against extreme weather conditions and improves the overall lifespan of the panel. The G3 ADA inverter is built with a strong aluminum frame that makes it easy to install, and it is equipped with a high-efficiency inverter that is reliable and durable. With its advanced features and capabilities, the Sungrow G3 ADA 8kW 1 Phase 3 MPPT inverter with WiFi, S100 meter, DC cover and built-in DC Switch is the perfect choice for those looking to maximize their energy independence and savings.

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490 * 340 * 170 mm

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