TRINA VERTEX S+ N-Type Dual Glass 450W Black 30mm EVO2 Landscape 25-yr Warranty (TSM-450NEG9R.28, IEC 61215-2021)

SKU 20593

TRINA VERTEX S+ N-Type Mono Dual Glass 450W 144-Cell EVO2 Black 30mm Landscape is designed to perform at peak efficiency with its N-Type technology and dual glass construction. With a total of 144 cells and 450W of power, it offers maximum output and stability. The EVO2 Landscape technology also ensures that the cells are well-protected with a 30mm frame design. Free from performance losses, this PV module comes with a 25-year warranty, guaranteeing high-performance energy for years to come.

Product Dimensions and Packing Information

Panel 1770*1096*30mm @ 21.5kg
Pallet (36) 1800*1135*1260mm @ 829kg
26 pallets per container