TRINA VERTEX Mono Perc 500W Half-Cell Sliver 35mm EVO2 Landscape (TSM-500DE18M(II))

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This TRINA VERTEX PERC Mono 500W Half-Cell Sliver 35mm EVO2 Landscape Solar Panel is the perfect fit for large-scale solar projects. With its advanced half-cell technology, the panel is able to harvest significantly more energy than other solar technologies on the market, resulting in greater energy efficiency.

Its back surface field technology also significantly maximizes energy production in low light conditions. Its heavy-duty 9-busbar design also allows for improved cell connectivity, meaning more energy is produced with less cell defects.

The 35mm frame height also allows for easier installation and improved aesthetics over other standard height models, while its highly durable and corrosion resistant Silver cell technology provides improved solar panel lifetime reliability. Finally, its advanced EVO2 bypass diodes improve hot spot temperature and enhance module performance in shade or low light conditions.


Product Dimensions and Packing Information

2176 x 1098 x 35mm

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