AIKO Neostar N-type ABC 465W Black 30mm 1500V EVO2, 1.2m lead, 15-year product warranty (AIKO-A465-MAH54Mw)

SKU 20851

Leading cell manufacturer Aiko is commercialising the ABC module series with a very high efficiency of up to 23.6%. ABC stands for All Back Contact and is an ‘all back junction’ architecture. The new module is primarily promoted for distributed solar applications including residential and C&I segments. At 23.6% efficiency, this latest Aiko PV module would be at the top among the commercially available products.

It is based on a back contact design and uses “silver-free metal coating” for metallisation. The cells are based on 182 wafer format. At the module level, the cells are split into half and 144 of such slices are interconnected to reach a rated power of up to 610 W.

Product Dimensions and Packing Information

1722*1134*30mm @ 20.5kg
Pallet (36) 1770*1130*1245mm @ 824kg
26 Pallets per container

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