AIKO Neostar 2S N-type ABC 455W All Black Front 30mm 1500V EVO2, 1.2m lead, 25-year product warranty (AIKO-A455-MAH54Mb)

SKU 20853

Aiko Solar is a solar manufacturer that has been a leader in solar cell production for years. Aiko Solar is a leading researcher in solar cell technology and have discovered a new innovative cell technology called ABC. With the All-Back-Contact (ABC) technology they now bring their own solar modules to the market. The high-performance module with 455W convinces with an amazing efficiency of 22.8 %. And it also has a very attractive full-black look, no contacts on the front of the cell.

This makes the module suitable not only for demanding households or small roofs, but also for larger systems where maximum yield is important.

Product Dimensions and Packing Information

1722*1134*30mm @ 20.5kg
Pallet (36) 1770*1130*1245mm @ 824kg
26 Pallets per container

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