Solar Inverter FRONIUS Symo 7 kW 3 Phase 2 MPPT (SYMO 7.0-3-M)

SKU 15324

The Fronius Symo 7 kW 3 Phase 2 MPPT Solar Inverter is a high-performance inverter that provides reliable system monitoring and operation. Thanks to its ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, this inverter takes full advantage of the sun’s energy output—even when shading or temperature changes occur.

Its optimized self-consumption and smart grid features allow the user to reduce energy bills and take greater control over their energy product. With built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, the Fronius Symo can be remotely monitored and maintained, making it ideal for commercial as well as residential use. This hybrid inverter provides reliable and versatile energy solutions for every day and every night.

Product Dimensions and Packing Information

645 x 431 x 204 mm

Manufacturer SKU

SYMO 7.0-3-M

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