Solar Inverter FRONIUS Symo 5 kW 3 Phase 2 MPPT (SYMO 5.0-3-M)

SKU 15320

The FRONIUS Symo 5kW 3 Phase 2 MPPT solar inverter is the perfect solution for those looking to take their home or business solar energy to the next level. With its dual MPPT inputs and powerful 5kW output, this efficient and reliable inverter offers maximum flexibility for any size solar installation and will collect every last ray of energy from the sun.

A built-in datalogger and Wi-Fi connection mean it can be monitored and managed from anywhere, so you can track your energy production and always stay connected. This means that you’ll never miss a beat and your solar energy will continue to provide clean, sustainable energy for your entire home, no matter the weather or time of day.

Easy to install and backed by the superior FRONIUS-built quality, the Symo 5kW 3Phase 2 MPPT is the perfect way to take advantage of the power of the sun and give your home the energy boost it needs.

Product Dimensions and Packing Information

Width 431 mm Height 645 mm Depth 204 mm
19.9 kg

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SYMO 5.0-3-M

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