EV Charger Fronius Wattpilot Go 22 J 2.0 AUS 22kW 32A, Portable, Single or Three Phase (Wattpilot Go 22 J AUS)

SKU 15952
The Fronius Wattpilot Go 22 J 2.0 AUS is a portable electric vehicle (EV) charger with a power output of 22 kW and a maximum current of 32A. It is compatible with both single and three-phase electrical systems and can be easily transported to different locations. The charger features Fronius' Wattpilot technology which allows for real-time monitoring and management of the charging process via a smartphone app. The charger is suitable for use with all types of electric vehicles, including those with fast charging capabilities.
Product Dimensions and Packing Information

Width 155 mm
Height 287 mm
Depth 109 mm
Weight 1.82 kg

Manufacturer SKU

Wattpilot Go 22 J AUS