TW Solar Mono 415W Black 30mm EVO2 1.2m (TW415MAP-108-H)

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The Tongwei Solar Mono 415W Black 30mm EVO2 1.2m (TW415MAP-108-H) is a high-performance solar panel designed for residential and commercial use. With a maximum power output of 415W, it provides reliable and efficient power generation to meet the demands of any energy-intensive application. The panel's mono-crystalline cells feature a high conversion efficiency of up to 21%, ensuring maximum energy yield from each solar module.

The panel's sleek black design and slim 30mm profile make it an ideal choice for installations where aesthetic appeal is a priority. The Tongwei Solar Mono 415W Black 30mm EVO2 1.2m (TW415MAP-108-H) also features a durable construction, with a sturdy aluminum frame and tempered glass front that provides resistance to harsh weather conditions. Its EVO2 technology further enhances the panel's performance by increasing its energy output and improving its resistance to potential induced degradation (PID). Overall, this solar panel is an excellent investment for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint while also enjoying reliable and efficient energy generation.

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Pallet (36) 1770*1130*1245mm @ 824kg

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