Solar Hybrid Inverter FRONIUS GEN24 PLUS Symo 5 kW 3 Phase 2 MPPT (Symo GEN24 5.0 Plus)

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The Fronius Gen24 Plus Symo 5 kW 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter is a highly advanced and versatile energy management solution for commercial and industrial-scale solar energy systems. It is designed for use in 3-phase electrical systems and offers a maximum power output of 5 kW. It is equipped with two MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) inputs, which allows for optimal energy harvesting from multiple solar panels. The inverter also features a built-in DC switch which enables the seamless switching between grid-tie and off-grid operation. The inverter also has an integrated battery charger, allowing for energy storage and backup power during grid outages.

The inverter is also equipped with Fronius Energy Package, which increases the energy self-consumption and reduces the energy costs. The Gen24 Plus Symo is equipped with WiFi connectivity, allowing for remote monitoring and management through the Fronius Solar.web monitoring platform. The compact and lightweight design of the inverter makes it easy to install, and it is built with a high-efficiency inverter that is reliable and durable. With its advanced features and capabilities, the Fronius Gen24 Plus Symo 5 kW 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter is the perfect choice for commercial and industrial-scale solar energy systems looking for a reliable, efficient, and versatile energy management solution.

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Symo GEN24 5.0 Plus

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