How much solar battery storage does the average home need - Presented by LG Chem

How much solar battery storage does the average home need?

Sizing your solar battery system

In terms of system sizing – battery sizes are expressed as kilowatt-hours, or kWh. If the average home uses 16kWh, 30% of this during the day and 70% at night, that works out to about 5kWh of daytime usage, and 11kWh of night-time usage. So, simple math would dictate that the average Aussie would need about 11kWh of solar battery storage to offset all their night usage.

If you are using original Tesla Powerwall (6.4kWh battery), then you'd need 2 of them. The new Powerwall however, has 13.2kWh capacity.  Bear in mind there is no need to offset all night time your electricity with batteries. If you run the numbers, the best payback is from the first kWh of energy storage – because it works the hardest, as you add subsequent kWh their payback gets longer. So don't bankrupt yourself looking to cover every last kWh of night time electricity with your batteries. Perhaps start with one battery pack and add more later if and when you decide it is necessary.


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