Solar Inverter SMA Sunny Boy 2.5 kW 1 Phase 1 MPPT (SB2.5-1VL-40)

SKU 100213
by SMA

The SMA Sunny Boy 2.5 kW 1 Phase 1 MPPT is a powerful and reliable photovoltaic inverter engineered to maximize the electricity generated from a solar system. Featuring one Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) energy management feature, this device allows you to capture more of the sun's energy and convert it into useable electricity.

The 2.5 kW of power output make it the perfect choice for homes and smaller businesses, resulting in significant savings over the life of the system. An integrated web interface gives you complete control and monitoring of the solar system, and a range of technical features ensure the highest levels of reliability, performance and system optimization. So, for the best in solar energy conversion technology, the SMA Sunny Boy 2.5 kW 1 Phase 1 MPPT is the perfect choice.

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460 / 357 / 122 mm

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